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What is an Escort Agency?

You might have some preconceptions of what an escort agency means. You may think they are illegal or at best on the edge of the law. However, an escort agency is a means of securing some company for a day or night or longer. The service is offered as a chance to enjoy time together with a man or woman. This may happen in a secluded room, or it may be a trip to the theatre or a work’s dinner.

The services offered

Although there is an expectation that you can receive sexual services, this is not the role of the escort agency. The company will offer a matchup between an escort and a client. When these two consenting adults meet, it is entirely to their discretion how they spend the time together.

The agency earns money from the booking fee you pay, as well as any dispatch services. Additional charges may be negotiated with the escort during the meet-up. Your escort will be part of the agency because it acts as a “shop” that gives you a legal space to buy their company. The agency will likely pay for a professional photo shoot and work on advertising the services of the escorts on their books. This could be through online marketing or encouraging reviews and testimonials.

Any additional services offered are not considered the business of the escort agency. Your escort is not committing an offence if they provide sexual services. It is only illegal if they are working as an escort because they are compelled to by a third party. The partnership between an escort and an agency is considered mutually beneficial.

There are two common types of a matchup. The first is at the customer’s house or a hotel. This is called an outcall, and a lot of escorts only offer this service. Some escorts provide the opportunity to meet with them at their residence; this is called an in-call.

Time and money

There is a lot of variety of duration of a matchup with a call girl or guy. You could simply spend an evening or one night. However, some escort agencies offer much longer durations. The client could request the company of an escort on holiday or on a business trip. The client would be expected to cover all expenses, as well as pay for the time of the escort.


For your safety, it is best to research carefully the escort agencies that have a website. You should read testimonials and look for independent reviews. A simple test would be to check that the escort website is secure, with https in the address bar. This is especially true if they expect you to pay a deposit or some of the fees via your card online.

Your escort will likely call the agency at the start of the evening and at the end of the matchup, for his or her safety.

You should also consider where you would feel safest – whether in-call or outcall. Find out more about our Escorts in London.

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